Project goals

The high quality of education of professionals in this field in Nordic countries is an important factor behind the success. This high quality consists of e.g. ethical sensitivity, that is the sensitivity concerning the needs and skills of the clients and the management of the appropriate tools in answering to the needs and enhancing the skills of the clients. Furthermore, the education of the professionals aims at developing the correct motivation to work for their clients. (Cf. Rest, 1986) Sensitivity and correct motivation are constitutive of empathy. However, without focusing also to empathy, besides the technical skills and knowledge in education of professionals, the high quality expertise is not reached at the required level.

The nature of this project is to respect diversity in approaches of defining empathy and developing several different practical models of teaching it as partner institutions have different cultures and contexts. This richness gives good grounds for learning and developing new teaching methods through systematic plan for meetings, pilots, workshops and writing.


  • investigate and gain insight into the complexity of the term ’qualified empathy’ through the exploration of diverse approaches in theory and practice
  • exchange best aesthetic and social pedagogical practices to teach qualified empathy and create modules for cross- professional curricula
  • initiate and sustain student and teacher exchange between partner institutions
  • establish an international qualified empathy network